Meet - Joleen "JoJo" Farmer

Probally the hotest female stunt rider ever

Rare picture of JoJo not in leathers

So whats all the fuss about I may hear you say

Well she is definatley female

Any red blooded male will probally agree

But being a stunner is not what its all about, she's also a superbike stunter.

Probally the best female superbike stunter

Probally better than a lot of the guys

Leap of faith

Jolleen "JoJo" Farmer

Her nickname is JoJo and rides with the "Las Vegas Extremes"

She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and Rides with: Las Vegas Extremes

She started out riding dirtbikes as a child, she started street riding since she joined the Las Vegas Extremes team five years ago.

At first she was a passenger doing stunts then getting on a GSXR750 and has been stunting solo now for three years.

Her current bike is a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000 (respect) and favorite stunt is the Leap of faith (more respect).

When she is not on her bike she likes to wrestle in hot oil with the girls!

Her father is her hero, she quotes "he showed me what livin' life is all about."

She's a real adrenalin junky, and lives to use the throttle, she loves to hear the humming of her Hindle exhaust.

You can see her in action in these extreme freestyle videos

Las Vegas Extremes - LVX Girls

Las Vegas Extremes - Collectors Edition

Las Vegas Extremes II - Leap of Faith

Las Vegas Extremes - Vegas Knights.

You can get all these at the Las Vegas extremes web site

I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of JoJo

If anyone has more pictures PLEASE send them in.